Turismo Infinito


by António M. Feijó

from texts by Fernando Pessoa

and three letters of Ofélia Queirós

Turismo Infinito


Ricardo Pais‚Äô Pessoan ship will return to its home port on the TNSJ‚Äôs Centenary Day, having in the meantime visited such destinations as the Com√©die de Reims, S√£o Paulo‚Äôs Teatro Paulo Autran and Madrid‚Äôs Teatro Espa√Īol, among other more or less exotic parts. A quintessential stage creation of the man who once directed our Theatre and defined its artistic personality, Turismo Infinito [Infinite Tourism] is one of the TNSJ‚Äôs most epoch-making productions, and certainly one of the happiest events to mark the 100th birthday of the building designed by the architect Marques da Silva. A dazzling theatrical incursion into the manifold writings of Fernando Pessoa, the show created by Ricardo Pais and Ant√≥nio M. Feij√≥ brings to the stage the bookkeeper Bernardo Soares and his visionary disquiet in Douradores Street; the turbulence of √Ālvaro de Campos, the naval engineer who found himself out of a job ‚Äúonce India was discovered‚ÄĚ; the symbolist Pessoa of poetic intersections, but also the melancholic voice of ‚ÄúUn Soir √† Lima‚ÄĚ, as well as the other Fernando who exchanged letters with Of√©lia Queir√≥s; Maria Jos√©, the hunchback girl who loves a locksmith with all her soul; and bucolic Caeiro, the ‚Äúmaster of all those who are worthy of a master‚ÄĚ.


directed by Ricardo Pais

with the collaboration of Nuno M Cardoso

set design Manuel Aires Mateus costumes Bernardo Monteiro lighting design Nuno Meira sound design Francisco Leal voice and elocution Jo√£o Henriques

cast Jo√£o Reis, Em√≠lia Silvestre, Pedro Almendra, Jos√© Eduardo Silva, Lu√≠s Ara√ļjo

produced by Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

opening 7Dec2007 TNSJ (Porto) playing time 1:30 Ages 12 and up

English subtitles


Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o
Praça da Batalha 112, 4000-101 Porto, Portugal ·