Teatro Carlos Alberto

Folle √Čpoque

conceived and directed by SillySeason


Cátia Tomé, Ivo Saraiva e Silva, Ricardo Teixeira

Folle √Čpoque


Folle √Čpoque celebrates the centenary of an age of prosperity and bankruptcy, the roaring 1920s, by revisiting those years against the backdrop of the ‚Äúinteresting‚ÄĚ times in which we live, the dubious 2020s. To the stage are brought a number of conjectural narratives that evoke these two times, both of them marked by the vertiginous feeling of an impending catastrophe. Just consider how the financial crash of 1929 and the rise of Nazism appear to darkly resound in algorithmic vigilance and manipulation, climate changes and the emergence of new authoritarian regimes‚Ķ Shuttling back and forth between real-reality and fictional-reality, Folle √Čpoque sets in motion a play of mirror reflections, a mise en abyme. How will the 2020s unfold?


conceived and directed by SillySeason ‚Äď C√°tia Tom√©, Ivo Saraiva e Silva, Ricardo Teixeira

set design SillySeason set design execution João Negro dramaturgy assistance Telma João Santos costumes Inês Ariana, SillySeason music Ricardo Remédio video João Cristóvão Leitão lighting Manuel Abrantes sound João Gomes movement support Rodrigo Teixeira photography Alípio Padilha production assistance Mariana Nunes

cast Cátia Tomé, Ivo Saraiva e Silva, Ricardo Teixeira, Rodolfo Major, Sara Ribeiro, Teresa Coutinho

co-produced by SillySeason, Centro Cultural de Bel√©m, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o support Funda√ß√£o GDA, C√Ęmara Municipal de Lisboa, 23 Milhas ‚Äď F√°brica das Ideias, O Espa√ßo do Tempo, Teatro C√£o Solteiro, Rua das Gaivotas 6, Associa√ß√£o Fermenta apoio √† internacionaliza√ß√£o support for internationalization Funda√ß√£o Calouste Gulbenkian

playing time 1:30 Ages 16 and up