Teatro Carlos Alberto

by Henrik Ibsen

directed by Nuno Cardoso


Prodigal son Osvald Alving returns to his parents‚Äô house, carrying an ‚Äúinfection‚ÄĚ, a phantasmagoria-breeding disease. He faces the gathering darkness of a set of ‚Äúdead ideas and lifeless old beliefs‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúghosts‚ÄĚ that poison the present and compromise the future. Confined to a dark place which no one can enter or leave, the characters of Espectros [Ghosts] (1881), by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, live ‚Äúafraid of the light‚ÄĚ, dissatisfied with the asphyxiation of their affective lives. They thirst for a vital impetus that will free them from an existence ruled by conservatism and the omnipresence of money. ‚ÄúWith Ibsen‚ÄĚ, wrote George Steiner, ‚Äúthe history of drama begins anew. This alone makes of him the most important playwright after Shakespeare and Racine‚ÄĚ. Stage director Nuno Cardoso includes him for the first time in the repertoire of this National Theatre, a noteworthy gesture. ‚ÄúWhat do we inherit?‚ÄĚ, asks Helene Alving, Osvald‚Äôs mother. We inherit a force from the past, so strong and persistent that it continues to resound through our ‚Äúfew and evil‚ÄĚ days.


by Henrik Ibsen directed by Nuno Cardoso translated by Susana Janic stage version
Nuno Cardoso, Manuel Tur

set design F. Ribeiro* lighting design Jos√© √Ālvaro Correia music and sound design Jo√£o Oliveira costumes TNSJ

video Luís Porto* movement Elisabete Magalhães direction assistance Manuel Tur

with Afonso Santos, Joana Carvalho, Jo√£o Melo, Maria Leite, M√°rio Santos, Rodrigo Santos

produced by Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

playing time 2:00 Ages 12 and up

English subtitles

Portuguese Sign language Conversation with Jorge 21 may fri