Teatro Carlos Alberto

Perfil Perdido

directed by Marco Martins

Arena Ensemble

Perfil Perdido


Perfil Perdido [Lost Profile], a constantly mutating play, was created by Marco Martins in close collaboration with Beatriz Batarda and Romeu Runa, bodies worked as ever-unfolding, ever-changing memory repositories. Exploring the parents-children relationship, that arena where what is tameable and what is indomitable clash, Perfil Perdido deals with those issues of gender and affiliation, perception and conditioning, inherent to such experiences. Marco Martins pursues an inquest into representational forms by interweaving a variety of languages, references and speculations. Where do we belong? What is fiction and what is reality?


directed by Marco Martins

from texts by Francis Bacon, Julian Barnes, Sophie Calle, Siri Hustvedt, Franz Kafka, √Čdouard Louis, Peter Kubelka, George Oppen, Sylvia Plath, Richard Tuttle, S√≥focles, Gon√ßalo M.Tavares, William Shakespeare, George Steiner, Manuel Vilas e Slavoj Zizek

with Beatriz Batarda, Romeu Runa

soundscape Tiago Cerqueira set design Fernando Ribeiro lighting design Nuno Meira sound design Sérgio Milhano

costumes Teresa Pavão direction assistance Rita Quelhas magic consultant Hélder Guimarães tap dance consultant Marinela Mangueira rehearsal support
Hugo Cabral Mendes, Rui Catal√£o, V√Ęnia Rovisco, Victor Hugo Pontes production direction Mariana Brand√£o

co-produced by Arena Ensemble, S√£o Luiz Teatro Municipal, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Cine-Teatro Louletano, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

opening 28Nov2019 Festival Internacional de Teatro de Istambul playing time1h30 Ages 14 and up

Conversation with Jorge 11 jun fri