Teatro S√£o Jo√£o


by William Shakespeare

directed by Nuno Cardoso



Now that the interior renovation works of the TNSJ have come to an end, we continue along our path on the shoulders of giants. From the heights of Rei Lear [King Lear], by William Shakespeare, we discern the curve of a post-Centenary time. On a brand-new stage, director Nuno Cardoso combines an evergreen classic, amplified by a new translation by Ant√≥nio M. Feij√≥, with a cast that brings together actors from our almost resident company and others that once made history here, mingling times, memories and affections. As vast and powerful as the mind of its main character, Lear irradiates a sort of ‚Äúcosmic anxiety‚ÄĚ. Stanley Cavell, the author of Disowning Knowledge, one of the inaugural titles of Empilhadora, our new book collection, states that this play is ‚Äúabout the interpenetration and confusion of politics with love‚ÄĚ, with ‚Äúlove wielding itself in gestures of power, power extending itself with claims of love‚ÄĚ. By exchanging pure power for ambiguous love, Lear ushers in tragedy, which here takes on a ferociously political form. The consequences of this? Cavell tells us: ‚Äú[P]olitics becomes private, and so vanishes, with power left to serve hatred‚Ä̂Ķ


by William Shakespeare directed by Nuno Cardoso translated by António M. Feijó

direction and dramaturgy support Manuel Tur set design F. Ribeiro costumes TNSJ lighting design Jos√© √Ālvaro Correia sound design Joel Azevedo music Pedro ‚ÄėPeixe‚Äô Cardoso movement Elisabete Magalh√£es

cast Afonso Santos, António Afonso Parra, António Durães, Joana Carvalho, João Melo, Lisa Reis, ** Margarida Carvalho, Maria Leite, Mário Santos, Paulo Freixinho, Pedro Frias, Rodrigo Santos, Sérgio Sá Cunha

produced by Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

Ages 12 and up


English subtitles

** Within the scope of the cooperation programme with the Cape Verdean Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries.