Teatro S茫o Jo茫o

Floresta de Enganos

by Gil Vicente

directed by Jo茫o Pedro Vaz

Floresta de Enganos


鈥淟ook at me and look at you.鈥 Gil Vicente remains, now and always, inhabitable by all of us, who live five hundred years later. Master Gil, we are told, is a 鈥渓iving text鈥 that allows us to look at ourselves and dream. Filled with Vicentine and other visions, stage director Jo茫o Pedro Vaz invites us to wander through the Floresta de Enganos [Forest of Deceits], originally performed in the 鈥測ear of Our Lord 1536鈥. In Vicente鈥檚 final comedy, we are immediately confronted by a Philosopher who has a Fool tied to his foot, the most enigmatic pair in all of Vicente鈥檚 work. The Philosopher announces all the figures who will be deceived by love: a merchant, a man in widow鈥檚 weeds, a young girl, Cupid, Apollo, king Telebano, princess Grata C茅lia, judge Justi莽a Maior, and even a shepherd, linked by chains of love to something he cannot guess. Finally, a pilgrim named Ventura comes to solve this love-en-ab卯me. 鈥淎ll this takes place in the forest, which has always been the locus par excellence of idyll and deceit, of transformation through love; in other words, of the theatre. Like in a (Vicentine) midsummer night鈥檚 dream鈥, the stage director warns us. 鈥淟ook at me and look at you鈥: such is the last line in the self-penned epitaph of the one who was called 鈥渢he most Angelic and Demonic of all Portuguese poets鈥.


by Gil Vicente directed by Jo茫o Pedro Vaz Castilian verses translated by Jos茅 Bento

set design and costumes Sara Vieira Marques direction assistance and masks Gon莽alo Fonseca

cast Afonso Santos, Hugo Paz, Joana Carvalho, Jo茫o Melo, Lia Carvalho, M谩rio Santos, Rodrigo Santos and Ananda Miranda (ala煤de)

produced by Teatro Nacional S茫o Jo茫o

playing time 1:30 M/12 anos


English subtitles

Portuguese Sign Language | 20 MAR Post-show talk with Luis Mestre | 3 APR

Within the scope of the cooperation programme with the Cape Verdean Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries.