Teatro S√£o Jo√£o

Porque é Infinito

artistic direction Victor Hugo Pontes

text Joana Craveiro


Based upon a rereading of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Porque é Infinito


‚ÄúI know all about love, honestly.‚ÄĚ With adolescence as a backdrop, Victor Hugo Pontes examines love and its limits in Porque √© Infinito [Because It Is Infinite], taking as his starting-point Joana Craveiro‚Äôs contemporary rereading of Shakespeare‚Äôs Romeo and Juliet. We know how that text ends, but are we able to tell from the start a story that was already told a thousand times? How can we speak of a love that wanted to be infinite, but into which death crept like an evil shadow? A documental, affective and poetic research, which brings a classic to the present day and looks at it from our standpoint, allows us to enter the intimacy of those who are experiencing for the first time the whirlwind of a ‚Äúlove forever‚ÄĚ, a time of adolescent excess and long mornings. Through Victor Hugo Pontes‚Äô unique choreographic language, in which movement and words interweave, Porque √© Infinito becomes also a reflection on the language we use to define a verb, ‚Äúto love‚ÄĚ, that is notoriously hard to conjugate. ‚ÄúLove? What is that, exactly?‚ÄĚ


artistic direction Victor Hugo Pontes text Joana Craveiro

set design F. Ribeiro music Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins technical direction and lighting design Wilma Moutinho sound design Leandro Leitão costumes Cristina Cunha, Victor Hugo Pontes artistic consultancy Madalena Alfaia direction assistance Daniela Cruz general production Joana Ventura executive production Mariana Lourenço

cast Ant√≥nio J√ļlio, Benedito Jos√©, In√™s Azedo, Ivo Santos, Jos√© Ferreira, Lu√≠sa Guerra, Pedro Frias, Rui Pedro Silva, Santiago Mateus, Sofia Montenegro, Vera Santos

co-produced by Nome Próprio, Centro de Arte de Ovar, Oficina/Centro Cultural Vila Flor, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Aveirense, Teatro Nacional São João

residency support CRL ‚Äď Central El√©trica, Ginasiano Escola de Dan√ßa, Inst√°vel - Centro Coreogr√°fico, Teatro de Ferro

PLAYING TIME 1:30 Ages 12 and up


3 Dec Portuguese Sign Language + Post-show talk with Luis Mestre