Teatro Carlos Alberto

Aquilo que Ouvíamos

written and directed by Joana Craveiro

Aquilo que Ouvíamos


Joana Craveiro uses memory as raw material for the explorations with her company, Teatro do Vestido. In Aquilo que Ouv√≠amos [Stuff We Used to Listen To], she revisits a time when music gave its listeners a sense of identity and belonging. This concert-play, based on the musical life experiences of its band/cast ‚Äď four actors and five musicians (including the Loosers) that are the authors of the project‚Äôs original soundtrack ‚Äď, is a journey back to the formative years of adolescence in the 1980s and 1990s. These ‚Äúmusical stories‚ÄĚ tell us how important music‚Äôs materiality was: purchasing vinyl records with your meagre allowance, reading the lyrics sheet, trade them and make friends while doing so, display a favourite record as a badge of honour, a means to identify as part of a group and separate yourself from others, make tape recordings of borrowed vinyl discs, rare concerts or improvised home radio shows, precious material evidence of who you were. Aquilo que Ouv√≠amos revives a past, ‚Äúa time when we had time‚ÄĚ, with full tender and ironic awareness of its being lost, and yet present in the identity-developing bonds that were created through music and still persist.


written and directed by Joana Craveiro

co-created and performed by Est√™v√£o Antunes, In√™s Rosado, Joana Craveiro, T√Ęnia Guerreiro

guest musicians (co-creation, composition and performance) Bruno Pinto, Francisco Madureira, Loosers special participation Ricardo Jerónimo, Sónia Guerra, Tatiana Damaya

creative collaboration S√©rgio Hydalgo set design Carla Martinez costumes T√Ęnia Guerreiro image Jo√£o Paulo Serafim live video Jo√£o Paulo Serafim, Henrique Antunes, S√≥nia Guerra, Tatiana Damaya

lighting design Leocádia Silva sound design Pedro Baptista, Sérgio Milhano (PontoZurca)

general production Ala√≠de Costa co-produced by EGEAC ‚Äď Programa√ß√£o em Espa√ßo P√ļblico, S√£o Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro do Vestido, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

support Centro Cultural Vila Flor, FX RoadLights, ZDB

opening 15Jun2021 Lux Fr√°gil (Lisboa)

playing time 1:50 Ages 12 and up

28 JAN Post-show talk with Luis Mestre
30 JAN Portuguese Sign Language