Teatro S√£o Jo√£o

Fantasma da √ďpera

by Gaston Leroux

adapted and directed by Bruno Bravo


Primeiros Sintomas

Fantasma da √ďpera


Director Bruno Bravo brings to the stage O Fantasma da √ďpera [The Phantom of the Opera], a Gothic novel by Gaston Leroux that was first published as a serial between 1909 and 1910. The theatrical appropriation of non-dramatic literature is a recurring practice with the Primeiros Sintomas company, as their productions of Mary Shelley‚Äôs Frankenstein (2002) or Carlo Collodi‚Äôs Pinocchio (2016) show. But the ambition of that approach is amplified here. Bruno Bravo brings to the house of the theatre contributions from various performative disciplines, organising a meeting between live music and movement, between songs and the amazing machinery of a stage, with its pageant of actors and characters. An undisciplined dialogue that echoes the spirit of the Paris Opera, the locus horrendus of O Fantasma da √ďpera, a building where theatre, dance and music shows are presented. A phantom haunts its backstage areas, staircases and dressing-rooms, grid and boxes, disturbing everyone with a series of deaths, accidents, spells. Erik is the nom de guerre of this disfigured, flesh-and-blood ghost who falls in love with the voice of Christine Daa√©, a young singer; the two are the protagonists of one of the most tragic love stories of all times.


by Gaston Leroux adapted and directed by Bruno Bravo

translated by João Paulo Esteves da Silva music João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Sérgio Delgado sound design Sérgio Delgado choreography Lígia Soares set design and costumes Stéphane Alberto lighting design Alexandre Costa technical assistance António Vilar

executive production Leonardo Garibaldi production assistance Luísa Magrinho

cast Alice Medeiros, Andreia Valles, António Mortágua, Bárbara Rey, Constança Carvalho Neto, Diogo Mazur, Eduardo Breda, Joana Campelo, João Pedro Dantas, José Leite, Leonardo Garibaldi, Marta Fernandes, Miguel André Marques, Miguel Sopas, Nídia Roque, Nuno Nunes, Pedro Miguel Jorge e Rita Silvestre

co-produced by Primeiros Sintomas, Culturgest, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

opening 1Oct2021 Culturgest (Lisboa)

playing time 2:00 Ages 12 and up

Portuguese Sign Language | 6 FEB