Teatro S√£o Jo√£o


by Tennessee Williams
directed by Miguel Loureiro




Eternally haunted by time‚Äôs flight (‚ÄúThe enemy, time, in us all‚ÄĚ), Tennessee Williams is a leading figure of 20th century American theatre. Actor and director Miguel Loureiro brings to the TNSJ stage The Milk Train Doesn‚Äôt Stop Here Anymore (1963), one of Williams‚Äô final plays, and Boom!, that play‚Äôs screen adaptation, written by the playwright in 1968. Out of this negotiation between stage play and screenplay, works marked by strangeness and maladjustment, redemption and eroticism, Miguel Loureiro creates a show of ‚Äúexcesses about Excess‚ÄĚ. At its centre we find Flora Goforth, a widow who dictates her memories to a secretary in an Italian villa, and Chris Flanders, a sort of ‚Äúangel of death‚ÄĚ, whose work consists in providing support to rich old ladies who are preparing to die. Boom! lingeringly looks at these unique beings, at the fading of their charms and at the ‚ÄúGreat Unknown‚ÄĚ that awaits them. ‚ÄúNo explanation, no translation, just boom‚ÄĚ.


by Tennessee Williams

directed by Miguel Loureiro

translated and dramaturgy Miguel Graça set design André Murraças costumes Fernando Alvarez lighting design Daniel Worm d’Assumpção sound design Sérgio Milhano hair Natália Bagulho make-up **Magali Santana **

executive production Nuno Pratas

cast √Ālvaro Correia, Ant√≥nio Ign√™s, David Almeida, Jo√£o Gaspar, Jo√£o S√° Nogueira, Miguel Loureiro, Rita Cal√ßada Bastos

co-produced by Culturproject, Centro Cultural de Belém, Teatro Nacional São João

opening 8 Apr 2022 Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon)

playing time **1:35
Ages 12 and up

The performance on the 10th is included in the 45th edition of FITEI ‚Äď Festival Internacional de Teatro de Express√£o Ib√©rica.

Portuguese Sign Language + post-show talk | 8 may