talvez... monsanto


talvez鈥 Monsanto returns to the stage that witnessed its birth. A theatre-music-word show that interweaves a plurality of materials, turning it into a singularity. Traditional music from Beira Baixa and fado, the country and the city, timbrel and Portuguese guitar, religious chants and Ruy Belo鈥檚 poetry, granite and wind, ancient and modern, childhood and death, the wheel and the cross. We have never seen or heard such tunes and words. How does all this happen? Perhaps the keyword that will allow us access to talvez鈥 Monsanto is 鈥渃ohabitation鈥, the art of turning strangeness into affinity, the art of bringing the root of one thing into contact with the root of another. talvez鈥 Monsanto is perhaps Ricardo Pais鈥 most important ethical and aesthetic statement, a place so sensuous and austere, so ready to bring silence and beauty to the world.