Teatro S茫o Jo茫o

N茫o Me Calo

a show by Cirila Bossuet, Isabel Costa

CCB/F谩brica das Artes

N茫o Me Calo


A game board divided in two invites the spectators to become the jurors and counsellors of a major rhetorical battle. This show concerns the freedom to choose, the right and duty to vote and the consequences of voting.


a show by Cirila Bossuet e Isabel Costa

cast Catarina Raba莽a e Cirila Bossuet

target primary students

monitoring of artistic creation Maria Gil

prodution CCB/F谩brica das Artes


Teatro S茫o Jo茫o

Pra莽a da Batalha 112, 4000-101 Porto, PortugalGoogle MapsApple MapsOpenStreetMap