Teatro S√£o Jo√£o

Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira

by José Saramago
directed by Nuno Cardoso

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira


We revive Blindness as the commemorations of Jos√© Saramago‚Äôs Centenary draw to a close. Nuno Cardoso‚Äôs staging returns to Porto, after travelling to Barcelona, Braga and Aveiro. How many cities can host this National Theatre? How many stages can present celebrations of the Portuguese language, here sharing the limelight with Catalan? And how many actors are able to get in and out of the skin of several characters, in a spinning wheel of constantly-mutating voices and bodies? Blindness sees the city as a place that must rise again out of the ruins of our inhumanity. This production celebrates the cosmopolitanism of Saramago, a writer of Portugal and the world at large, and of the national theatres of Porto and Catalonia, who accepted, and fulfilled, the challenge of letting themselves be surprised by difference. ‚ÄúTo cosmopolitanise‚ÄĚ is a verb that must be conjugated in the future tense. ‚ÄúWithout a future, the present is useless.‚ÄĚ


by José Saramago directed by Nuno Cardoso

dramaturgy Cl√†udia Ced√≥ set design F. Ribeiro costumes N√≠dia Tusal music Pedro ‚ÄúPeixe‚ÄĚ Cardoso lighting design Nuno Meira sound design Joel Azevedo video Lu√≠s Porto direction assistance Manuel Tur

cast Ana Brandão, Adriana Fuertes, Ferran Carvajal, Gabriela Flores, Joana Carvalho, Jordi Collet, Jorge Mota, Lisa Reis, Maria Ribera, Montse Esteve, Paulo Freixinho, Pedro Frias, Ramon Pujol, Sérgio Sá Cunha

co-produced by Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

opening 10 Jun 2022 Teatro S√£o Jo√£o (Porto) playing time. 3:30 with intermission Ages 16 and up


Show in Portuguese and Catalan, Portuguese and Catalan subtitles.

Portuguese Sign Language + Conversation with Rui | 11 dec