Teatro Carlos Alberto

U-88 Drama Club

guidance Teresa Arcanjo

U-88 Drama Club


鈥淓verything can happen, everything is possible and probable. The imagination spins, weaving new patterns; a mixture of memories, experiences, free fancies, incongruities and improvisations.鈥 These words of August Strindberg about Um Sonho [A Dream Play], describing the oneiric universe out of which it grows, could act as a calling card for the challenge we have posed to our Drama Clubs. The theatrical projects that will be created by our Sub-18 and Sub-88 participants draw inspiration from the play鈥檚 text, and thus engage with Bruno Bravo鈥檚 adaptation and staging of it, which will be presented at the TNSJ in December.


target people from 18 to 88 years old number of participants 20

**registration here | 20,00 鈧 voucher valid for four shows (sep-dec)

Teatro Carlos Alberto 19 sep 鈥 12 dec tue 19:00-21:00

guidance Teresa Arcanjo

16 jan 鈥 25 jun (inscri莽玫es a partir de 4 dez. 2023) tue 19:00-21:00

Marta Freitas/Pedro Mendon莽a

25 abril | 15:00 open rehearsal


Teatro Carlos Alberto

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