The TNSJ and the RTP present…

As part of the commemorations of the Teatro S√£o Jo√£o‚Äôs Centenary, RTP2 will broadcast four video recordings of TNSJ productions. Thus the theatre made in our stages transcends its limits, belying its ephemeral condition. But, rather than being mere transcriptions or formal contaminations, these videos add a new look, an author‚Äôs look, to the materials created on stage. Let us remember how director Tiago Guedes reinvents, via his editing work, the onstage choreography Ricardo Pais devised for The Merchant of Venice. Or how Paulo Am√©rico‚Äôs direction amplifies the ‚Äúnear cinematic‚ÄĚ quality of Turismo Infinito [Infinite Tourism]. Film director Pedro Filipe Marques knew how to capture the intimacy of small gestures in Alma [Soul] and Exatamente Antunes, two visually powerful shows, staged by Nuno Carinhas, another stage director to whom we could apply the ‚Äúcinematic‚ÄĚ designation. This rescue operation begins on 7 March, with The Merchant of Venice, and the other videos will be broadcast throughout 2020.


7 mar O Mercador de Veneza, by W. Shakespeare, staged by Ricardo Pais, directed by Tiago Guedes (2009)

16 mai Alma, de/by Gil Vicente, staged by Nuno Carinhas, directed by Pedro Filipe Marques (2013)

27 jun Turismo Infinito, from texts by Fernando Pessoa, staged by Ricardo Pais, directed by Paulo Américo (2008)

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