Teatro Carlos Alberto

O Começo Perdido: Mixtape #1

written and directed by Pedro Martins Beja


Th√©√Ętre National du Luxembourg

O Começo Perdido: Mixtape #1


Lusobourger is a word. In the 1960s, the Portuguese migratory exodus created an ‚Äúexclave‚ÄĚ in Luxembourg that currently amounts to roughly one-sixth of the Grand Duchy‚Äôs population. Now, Lusodescendant playwright and stage director Pedro Martins Beja takes us back home and to the past, by means of a mixtape. In this recording of memories, Portugal is not so much a real, historical place as it is childhood‚Äôs distant country, imagined through words and sounds. A sound spectre made up of memories of fado heard through a fuzzy radio and TV commercials, pig-slaughter feasts and tales of werewolves and witchery ‚Äď such is the incoherent line-up of a tape that is shared by old and young, by the ones who left and the ones who stayed. In O Come√ßo Perdido: Mixtape #1 [The Lost Beginning: Mixtape #1], we hear the fulfilled dreams and shattered illusions of a country that lives outside its borders. Here, Pedro Martins Beja will dive not only into his old mixtapes, but also into the ones belonging to the members of a cast that combines Portuguese and Lusobourger actors. After Castro‚Äôs 2021 tour of Luxembourg, the present show continues the Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o/Th√©√Ętre National du Luxembourg cooperation programme.


written and directed by Pedro Martins Beja dramaturgy Florian Hirsch translation Helena Topa

set design and costumes Matthias Koch music and sound design Markus Steinkellner lighting design Daniel Sestak direction assistance Magaly Teixeira intern Nuran Atis

cast Hana Sofia Lopes, F√°bio Godinho, Jorge Mota, Markus Steinkellner (live music)

co-produced by Th√©√Ętre National du Luxembourg, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

playing time 1:30 Ages 12 and up

Show in Portuguese and other languages, Portuguese subtitles.