Teatro Carlos Alberto

Jacques ou a Submiss茫o

by Eug猫ne Ionesco

set design and direction Jorge Pinto

Ensemble - Sociedade de Actores

Jacques ou a Submiss茫o


In his one-act play Jacques ou a Submiss茫o [Jack, or the Submission] (1955), now performed by Ensemble in a staging by Jorge Pinto, Eug猫ne Ionesco tries his hand at a peculiar family drama. Jacques is entangled in a game of social conventions from whose rules he wishes to free himself; his story is 鈥渂rought, little by little鈥, according to Ionesco, 鈥渢hrough refusal of the human condition 鈥 in other words, of this family-based order 鈥 into the most complete submission, to the point that he resigns himself to a sort of biological quietude鈥. The arc of this path, filled with surreal situations and elements of humour and hysteria, develops mostly on the realm of words. It is through the work on language, ranging from moments of nonsense to discourse denounced as an instrument of power, that a risible burlesque is turned into an apotheosis of modern grotesque. Ultimately, Ionesco鈥檚 theatre of the unusual confronts us with man鈥檚 solitude and insignificant existence.


by Eug猫ne Ionesco set design and direction Jorge Pinto translated by Alexandra Moreira da Silva

music Ricardo Pinto lighting design Jos茅 脕lvaro Correia costumes Bernardo Monteiro

cast Em铆lia Silvestre, Ant贸nio Afonso Parra, Clara Nogueira, Miguel Eloy, Filomena Gigante, Jo茫o Paulo Costa, Jo茫o Cravo Cardoso, B谩rbara Pais, Gabriela Le茫o

co-produced by Ensemble 鈥 Sociedade de Actores, Teatro Nacional S茫o Jo茫o

playing time 1:00 Ages 12 and up

Portuguese Sign Language Conversation with Jorge 30 apr fri