Teatro Carlos Alberto

O Pecado de João Agonia

by Bernardo Santareno

directed by João Cardoso



O Pecado de João Agonia


With O Pecado de João Agonia [The Sin of João Agonia], we continue the rescue operation of Bernardo Santareno’s words that began with our production of A Promessa [The Promise], in 2017. Thus, we do justice to the voice of one of the most important Portuguese dramatists of the 20th century, while refreshing the memory of a contemporary stage classic. The common denominator of both projects is stage director João Cardoso, the artistic director of ASSéDIO, a company alongside which we once again wander into the territory of a playwright who explored a “poetics of roots”. O Pecado de João Agonia (1961) is part of a group of plays in which Santareno asserted his opposition to a repressive system, exploring issues of a sexual (homosexuality) and religious (sin, sacrifice) nature. This call for a sort of “disobedience of dogmas” is made within the confines of a tightly-knit community – a “cragged, primitive hamlet”, Salazar’s retrograde Portugal, a country that still remains among us. A place where the “wind burns” and the sky fills with dark birds in the night of the crime. “Don’t go, João Agonia! Run away, run away!”


by Bernardo Santareno directed by João Cardoso

dramaturgy Regina Guimarães set design and costumes Sissa Afonso lighting design Filipe Pinheiro sound design Francisco Leal fight design Miguel Andrade Gomes direction assistance João Castro

cast Ângela Marques, Benedita Pereira, Daniel Silva, Inês Afonso Cardoso, João Cardoso, João Castro, Pedro Galiza, Pedro Quiroga Cardoso, Rubén Pérola

co-produced by ASSéDIO, Teatro Nacional São João

playing time 1:40 Ages 12 and up


14 NOV Portuguese Sign Language + Post-show talk with Luis Mestre