Teatro S√£o Jo√£o

Bruscamente no Ver√£o Passado

by Tennessee Williams
conceived and directed by Carlos Pimenta

Ensemble ‚Äď Sociedade de Actores

Bruscamente no Ver√£o Passado


Tennessee Williams (1930-83) was already a major figure in American theatre when he wrote Suddenly Last Summer (1958), which would be adapted to the screen just one year later by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, from a screenplay by Gore Vidal. The play and the film, the theatre and the cinema, are the focal point of this production by the Ensemble company, as well as of Carlos Pimenta‚Äôs staging. ‚ÄúA confrontation between images: the ones of cinema, invariable and forceful, and the ones of the theatre, unstable and svelte.‚ÄĚ Who was Sebastian? What happened to him, suddenly last summer? This character, who is absent from the play‚Äôs action (but yet omnipresent, like a haunting), develops out of the contradictory views of him that are presented by Mrs. Venable (his mother) and Catharine (his cousin), while Dr. Cukrowicz (and we, the viewers, with him) tries to grasp his essence. The clash between the images imagined by each character is turbocharged by the shadows of memory and the voracity of desire. Out of the remembered light on a beach in the European coast darkness bursts out, accompanied by a question: what is truth, in the end?


by Tennessee Williams conceived and directed by Carlos Pimenta

translated by Ana Luísa Amaral set design Carlos Pimenta, João Pedro Fonseca costumes Bernardo Monteiro lighting design Rui Monteiro staging assistance Filipa Dias

music Ricardo Pinto video Jo√£o Pedro Fonseca

cast Emília Silvestre, Pedro Mendonça, Bárbara Pais, Clara Nogueira, Catarina Malheiro, Pedro Barros, Marta Bernardes

co-produced by Ensemble ‚Äď Sociedade de Actores, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

playing time 1:50 Ages 14 and up

Suddenly Last Summer is presented by special arrangement with the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee.

English subtitles

Portuguese Sign Language + Conversation with Rui | 20 nov