Teatro Carlos Alberto

Hamlet, L鈥橝nge du Bizarre

based upon William Shakespeare
directed by Miguel Moreira
Companhia 脷tero

Hamlet, L鈥橝nge du Bizarre


William Shakespeare鈥檚 Hamlet begins with a question asked by a soldier in the middle of the night: 鈥淲ho鈥檚 there?鈥 Instead of an answer, Miguel Moreira and the 脷tero company decided to ask further questions. Is Hamlet a conscious actor or a passive viewer of his own tragedy? Is he a character tied to the cold logic of power and revenge or somebody free to choose his own fate? Created during the 25th anniversary of the 脷tero company, Hamlet, L鈥橝nge du Bizarre is a hybrid creation that mixes theatre, dance and an undefinable something else, which possibly comes from the very personal universe of Edgar Allan Poe, the author of The Angel of the Odd (L鈥橝nge du Bizarre, in Baudelaire鈥檚 classic French translation). Hamlet鈥檚 ghosts have returned to the TNSJ stage. 鈥淏id the soldiers shoot the volleys of style!鈥


based upon William Shakespeare directed by Miguel Moreira

set design Jorge Rosado assisted by Jo茫o Fonseca lighting design Jo茫o Fonseca assisted by Jorge Rosado reworked by C谩rin Geada original music Pedro Carneiro translation Bruna Beber sweaters David Zambrano artistic supervision Pedro Paiva

co-creation and cast Anastasia Serikova, Maria Fonseca, Miguel Moreira, ShadowMan, Beatriz Pereira

live musical appearance Ricardo Toscano, Rodrigo Amado special appearance local choir

co-produced by Companhia 脷tero, Teatro Aveirense, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Cine-Teatro Avenida, FIAR, Teatro Circo de Braga, Cineteatro Louletano, Teatro Nacional S茫o Jo茫o

artistic residence Est煤dios Victor C贸rdon, Espa莽o Desvio/Zabra, Latoaria

opening 28 May 2022 Cineteatro Louletano (Loul茅) playing time 2:00 Ages 16 and up

This show is part of the Outro Shakespeare cycle.

post-show talk | 2 Mar
ticket prices 10,00 鈧