Renovation of the Teatro S茫o Jo茫o and Commemorative Programme of its Centenary (NORTE 2020)

The end of 2019 brought good news to the TNSJ: in December, the NORTE 2020 operational programme approved the 鈥淩enovation of the Teatro S茫o Jo茫o and Commemorative Programme of its Centenary鈥 operation, to be carried out in 2020 and 2021. The operation has three main goals. First and foremost is the renovation and upgrading of the Teatro S茫o Jo茫o鈥檚 interiors, a work that will begin right after the end of the Centenary commemorations and will comprise the modernisation of the whole stage structure and several important measures in terms of fire safety, air-conditioning and energy efficiency, as well as the fixing of structural pathologies and the restoration of architectural elements. The operation also involves a substantive renovation of the TNSJ鈥檚 stage lighting, sound, video and stage direction equipments 鈥 all of them rather outdated (some even obsolete) and in urgent need of replacement. Finally, the project also contemplates the increase in the TNSJ鈥檚 activity during the Centenary, namely in terms of international programming, but also including a number of actions that will allow us to put into perspective the 100 years of this National Monument 鈥 as well as the National Theatre project that has been inhabiting and animating it for the past three decades.

Eligible investment 2.349.505,00 鈧

Community contribution 1.997.079,25 鈧

Co-financing rate 85%