Teatro S茫o Jo茫o

A Vida Vai Engolir-vos

A Vida Vai Engolir-vos


Anton Chekhov is going to swallow us up for almost ten hours. A Vida Vai Engolir-vos [Life Will Swallow You Up] 鈥 a marathon-show that brings together every major play in the Chekhovian repertoire 鈥 is divided into two parts, alternately presented on the S茫o Jo茫o and Rivoli stages. A journey under the aegis of a playwright who blazed new trails for Western theatre, blurring the lines between serious and light-hearted, comedy and tragedy. T贸nan Quito is the perpetrator of this daring scenic adventure, which takes us, almost in one breath, through The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard. In all of these plays, Chekhov confronts us with a question that has always haunted him: what will humanity be like in the future? A question that has gained renewed urgency, in our present times of fear and uncertainty.


Teatro Municipal do Porto 鈥 Rivoli 17+19 sep thu 19:00 sat 15:00 | First Half

Teatro Nacional S茫o Jo茫o 18+19 sep fri 19:00 sat 20:30 | Second Half


a montage of_ The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Tch茅khov artistic direction and stage version T贸nan Quito

translated by Nina Guerra, Filipe Guerra dramaturgical support Miguel Loureiro set design F. Ribeiro lighting design Daniel Worm costumes Jos茅 Ant贸nio Tenente sound design Pedro Costa direction assistance Mirr贸 Pereira executive production Armando Valente, Cl谩udia Teixeira, Vanda Cerejo

stage version and performance 脕lvaro Correia, Gon莽alo Waddington, Jo茫o Pedro Mamede, Leonor Cabral, Miguel Loureiro, M贸nica Garnel, Rita Caba莽o, S铆lvia Filipe, T贸nan Quito Quito e Mirr贸 Pereira (voz-off)

co-produced by HomemBala, S茫o Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro Nacional S茫o Jo茫o

support O Espa莽o do Tempo

opening 1Set/Sep2020 S茫o Luiz Teatro Municipal (Primeira Parte/First Half); 2Set/Sep2020 Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Segunda Parte/Second Half)

playing time of each part 4:30 Ages 12 and up**


Teatro S茫o Jo茫o

Pra莽a da Batalha 112, 4000-101 Porto, PortugalGoogle MapsApple MapsOpenStreetMap
sex18:00Second Half
s谩b19:30Second Half