Teatro Carlos Alberto

Festa de 15 Anos

written and directed by Micka√ęl de Oliveira



Festa de 15 Anos


In Festa de 15 Anos [Quincea√Īera], the Portuguese playwright Micka√ęl de Oliveira joins Diego Bagagal, his Brazilian colleague, to conceive a show that intends to rethink the contemporary influence and repercussion of neocolonialist practices. A wealthy Portuguese family is compelled to adopt a young Brazilian boy of indigenous descent, for whom they organise a quincea√Īera, a debutante ball to present him to Portuguese society, which will end up tainted by tragedy and horror. Festa de 15 Anos looks into the legacy of the colonial empire, its moral heritage, the fetishisation of minorities, and shows how difficult it is to create ‚Äúsyntheses that will comfort us and set us free as individuals within a community‚ÄĚ.


written and directed by Micka√ęl de Oliveira

creation and dramaturgy Micka√ęl de Oliveira and Diego Bagagal

direction assistance Mafalda Lencastre dramaturgical support Maria Inês Marques set design Martim Dinis costumes Sara Coimbra Loureiro sound design and soundtrack Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins lighting design Rui Monteiro video Simão Cayatte video operation Carlos Melo, Igor Martins sound capture Sérgio Silva characterization Ruby Kruss executive production Armando Valente general production Maria Inês Marques

cast Albano Jer√≥nimo, Ana Pinheiro, Carlos Melo, Diego Bagagal, Diana S√°, Jani Zhao, Lu√≠s Ara√ļjo, Mafalda Lencastre, Maria In√™s Marques

co-produced by Colectivo 84, Madame Teatro (Belo Horizonte, Brasil/Brazil), Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Centro de Arte de Ovar, Cine-Teatro Louletano, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

playing time 1:45 Ages 14 and up