Teatro Carlos Alberto

Paisajes Para No Colorear

direction Marco Layera

dramaturgy Carolina de la Maza, Marco Layera


Compa√Ī√≠a de Teatro La Re-Sentida (Chile)

Paisajes Para No Colorear


In its sixth edition, MEXE aims at ‚Äúreinventing our way of being together, in order to experience the risk of being human again‚ÄĚ. The International Art and Community Festival returns to Porto and to the Teatro Carlos Alberto, with ‚Äúrisk‚ÄĚ as its overarching theme. That concept runs through Paisajes Para No Colorear, by Chilean company La Re-Sentida, a show that is the end result of a long process of gathering statements from more than one hundred girls who were victims of violence. Here, their stories gain a public dimension and a political voice. On stage, nine Chilean teenagers use real-life cases as vantage points to look at the world and at the brutality they have witnessed or experienced. They depict a society that has interiorised and normalised gender violence, in an attempt to overcome its injustices and inequalities by means of an unprecedented cultural revolution. Directed by Marco Layera, Paisajes Para No Colorear is complemented by Tenemos Mucho que Decir, a workshop in which the La Re-Sentida company intends to explore the subjective worlds of each one of its participants, their immediate experiences, references, concerns, needs and imaginative domains. Its objectives? To discover, via theatrical expression, a form of social and ideological manifestation that may yield an effective contribution to the group of participants and the community in which they act.


direction Marco Layera direction assistance Carolina de la Maza dramaturgy Carolina de la Maza, Marco Layera

set and lighting design Pablo de la Fuente costumes Daniel Bagnara sound design Tom√°s Gonz√°lez sound Alonso Orrego

cast Ignacia Atenas, Almendra Menichetti, Paula Castro, Daniela López, Angelina Miglietta, Matilde Morgado, Constanza Poloni, Rafaela Ramírez, Arwen Vásquez

co-produced by Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Compa√Ī√≠a de Teatro La Re-Sentida (Chile)

opening 3Aug2018 Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (Santiago do Chile) playing time 1:30 Ages 14 and up


Show in Castilian, Portuguese subtitles.


Teatro Carlos Alberto 20+21 sep mon+tue 10:00

workshop Tenemos Mucho que Decir

guidance Compa√Ī√≠a de Teatro La Re-Sentida


Teatro Carlos Alberto

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