Teatro Carlos Alberto

Menina J√ļlia

by August Strindberg, with poems by Caio Gabriel and Roberto Piva

directed by Renata Portas


P√ļblico Reservado

Menina J√ļlia


August Strindberg crosses paths with P√ļblico Reservado, a company that specialises in idiosyncratic repertoire productions, with recent visits to universes of Novarina, Handke, Lagarce or Pirandello. Now, in reply to a challenge from the TNSJ, P√ļblico Reservado takes on Menina J√ļlia [Miss Julie] (1888), a play written in just two weeks. An urgency perhaps explained by the fact that the verb ‚Äúto love‚ÄĚ is conjugated here as ‚Äúa fever intersected by the syncope of hate‚ÄĚ, to use the words of the Swedish playwright. Menina J√ļlia tells us of the houses and walls we still use to confine women, of bodies set loose in the wars of love, of a class struggle that is inextricable from the battle of the sexes. It is like an intimate sonata being performed in a social arena. Renata Portas looks at this turmoil and makes some wishes for it: ‚ÄúI would like this stage production to resemble an initiation dance between Schnitzler‚Äôs La Ronde and Larry Clarke‚Äôs Kids; I would like it to be an ode to sensuality and beauty, and to that free fall experienced by Artaud, Rimbaud, Van Gogh and all the others who dared to explore the abyss in themselves.‚ÄĚ


by August Strindberg, with poems by Caio Gabriel and Roberto Piva directed by Renata Portas

translated by Augusto Sobral dramaturgy and elocution assistance Caio Gabriel movement support Isabel Ariel onstage DJ Redshoes (Filipa Varanga) set design Leonie Kohut lighting design M√°rio Bessa

costumes Jordann Santos direction assistance Pedro Manana prodution Susana Oliveira dramaturgy and production trainee Adriana Tironi

cast Ana Cris, Sílvia Santos, Pedro Damião

co-produced by P√ļblico Reservado, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o communication lina&nando residency support Campus Paulo Cunha e Silva Sala Est√ļdio Perp√©tuo Socorro CRL-Central El√©trica

playing time 2:00 Ages 16 and up

Post-show talk with Luis Mestre | 13 FEB