Teatro Carlos Alberto

Decalogue of Anxiety

artistic direction Margarita Mladenova, Ivan Dobchev


Theatre Laboratory Sfumato (Bulg√°ria) Th√©√Ętre National du Luxembourg (Luxemburgo)

Decalogue of Anxiety


The inspiration for Decalogue of Anxiety came from an image of rebellion in Ray Bradbury‚Äôs book Fahrenheit 451. In the dystopian world described by the American writer, culture is society‚Äôs worst enemy: books are taken by ‚Äúfiremen‚ÄĚ who burn them at the temperature that gives the volume its title. However, hiding in the forest is a group of dissidents who memorise humanity‚Äôs great writings. Decalogue of Anxiety is a collage of ten fragments, a panorama of world literature, from Plato to Sophocles and Calder√≥n de la Barca, from Dostoevsky to B√ľchner, Chekhov and Heiner M√ľller. Ten European actresses and actors have pored over these classics in an intensive workshop led by Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev, who are also the stage directors of Decalogue of Anxiety: a sort of Noah‚Äôs Ark that carries ten rebels who literally are the texts they have memorised.




artistic direction Margarita Mladenova, Ivan Dobchev dramaturgy Florian Hirsch

set and costume design Elena Ivanova music Hristo Namliev

cast Denis Boyer, Aleksandra Corovic, Vasil Duev, Jerome Funk, Bilyana Georgieva, Konstantinos Hadjisavvas, Maria Karamitri, Boris Krastev, Daniel Pinto, Sava Dragunchev

co-produced by Theatre Laboratory Sfumato (Bulgaria)Th√©√Ętre National du Luxembourg (Luxembourg) collaboration National Theatre of Northern Greece (Greece)

opening 24 Jan 2023 Th√©√Ętre National du Luxembourg (Luxembourg) playing time 1:30 Ages 12 and up

Show in Portuguese, French, English, German, Castilian, Greek, and Bulgarian, Portuguese subtitles


Teatro Carlos Alberto

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