Teatro Carlos Alberto


written and directed by Luk√°Ň° Brutovsk√Ĺ


Prague City Theatres (Rep√ļblica Checa), Slovak Chamber Theatre ‚Äď SKD Martin (Eslov√°quia)



A Czech-Slovakian co-production, written and staged by Slovak director Luk√°Ň° Brutovsk√Ĺ, with a mixed artistic team and cast, spoken in both languages, Iokast√© is focused on this figure from Greek mythology. By giving Jocasta a central role and a voice she never had, the show tells the story of a queen who has always been ‚Äúon the fringes of men, theatre characters and authors‚ÄĚ. Even in Oedipus Rex, Sophocles only concedes her an oblique importance, when her suicide is described by a messenger. Iokast√© opposes a feminist vision, a clash of Antiquity with the present, of myth with #MeToo. Taking advantage of the similitude and difference between the Czech and Slovak languages, combining the poetry of a contemporary text with a strong body movement and visual component, Iokast√© investigates the roots of misogyny, anti-feminism and toxic masculinity, from Sophocles to Donald Trump.




written and directed by Luk√°Ň° Brutovsk√Ĺ

dramaturgy Miro Dacho dramaturgical collaboration Lenka Dombrovsk√° set design Pavel Bor√°k object on the stage Juraj Poliak costumes Zuzana Hud√°kov√° video MatouŇ° Ondra choreography Martin Talaga

cast Jana Ońļhov√°, Petr Kon√°Ň°, Juraj Poliak

co-produced by Prague City Theatres (Czech Republic), The Slovak Chamber Theatre ‚Äď SKD Martin (Slovakia)

opening 28 Oct 2022 Slovak Chamber Theatre (Martin, Slovakia) playing time 1:05 Ages 14 and up

Show in Czech and Slovak, Portuguese subtitles


Teatro Carlos Alberto

Rua das Oliveiras 43, 4050-157 Porto, Portugal · Google Maps · Apple Maps · OpenStreetMap
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