Teatro Carlos Alberto

História do Príncipe H

adapted and directed by Jacek Malinowski

Teatro de Marionetas de Białystok (Polónia)

História do Príncipe H


An actor rehearses the role of Horatio in História do Príncipe H [History of Prince H]. The H in the title is a reference to Hamlet, prince of Denmark, but also, and especially, to Horatio, his faithful friend, the one who is left to “speak to th’ yet unknowing world how these things came about”. Shakespeare’s play Hamlet has become the emblem of our eternal bewilderment before the great theatre of the world. Polish stage director Jacek Malinowski, the artistic director of the Białystok Puppet Theatre, appropriates it to reflect on the concept of manipulation, that cynical way of achieving objectives, exerting influence and gaining power. A solo piece that received an award at the 2019 Baltic Puppetwhirl international festival, História do Príncipe H focuses on the struggle between degenerate morals and perverted justice, agitated by a desire for vengeance.


based upon Hamlet, by William Shakespeare adapted and directed by Jacek Malinowski

set design Michał Wyszkowski musical arrangement Jacek Malinowski

performed by Błażej Piotrowski

produced by Białystok Puppet Theatre (Poland)

opening 24 Jun 2016 Białystok Puppet Theatre (Poland)

playing time 1:00 Ages 16 and up

Spoken in Polish, with Portuguese subtitles.


Teatro Carlos Alberto

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· qua · 18:00