Teatro Carlos Alberto

Amédée ou Como Desembaraçar-se

by Eugène Ionesco
directed by Ivo Alexandre


Amédée ou Como Desembaraçar-se


Am√©d√©e and Madeleine have a problem: for the past fifteen years, they have been living with a corpse in the room next to theirs. After contracting the ‚Äúincurable disease of the dead‚ÄĚ, the body has started to grow exponentially, threatening to fill the whole apartment. Now, the time has come for the couple to free themselves of that monstrous hindrance. Am√©d√©e ou Como Desembara√ßar_-se_ [Amed√©e, or How to Get Rid of It] (1954) is the first three-act play by Eug√®ne Ionesco, the French-Romanian playwright who, alongside Beckett and Genet, left no stone unturned in European dramatic tradition during the 20th century. Having already staged Del√≠rio a Dois (2020) and A Cantora Careca (2021), the actor and stage director Ivo Alexandre (the artistic director of Companhia DOIS) returns to the burlesque and desperately comic universe of Ionesco. An author whose power of attraction continues to expand in ‚Äúgeometrical progression‚ÄĚ, uncontrollably overflowing from the stage to the auditorium, from the auditorium to everywhere else.


by Eugène Ionesco directed by Ivo Alexandre

translation Joaquim Pena, Tiago da C√Ęmara Pereira set design Jo√£o Ribeiro costumes Ana Sim√£o lighting design Rui Seabra music Miguel Berkemeier video Paulo MilHomens

cast Anabela Faustino, Ivo Alexandre, Jo√£o Ribeiro, Tiago da C√Ęmara Pereira

co-produced by DOIS, S√£o Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

playing time 1:30 Ages 12 and up
ticket prices 10,00 ‚ā¨


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