Mosteiro S茫o Bento da Vit贸ria


by Moli猫re

dramaturgy and direction Carlos J. Pessoa


Teatro da Garagem



Suddenly, a play by Moli猫re crosses the path of Teatro da Garagem. A joyous anomaly, if we remember that this company is not known to resort to the classic dramatic repertoire, basing instead its artistic identity on the texts of playwright and stage director Carlos J. Pessoa. Why Moli猫re? And why Tartufo [Tartuffe] (1664), a meditation on lying and hypocrisy, but also on the essence of the theatre, that hellish, deception-producing machine? With Tartufo, Teatro da Garagem invites the audience to revisit a classic text, here in a Portuguese translation by poet Regina Guimar茫es, with all the modesty of someone who is learning to read anew, encouraging us to build bridges between the past, the present and the future. 鈥淲hen are we most deceived? When we act like Tartuffe, or when a Tartuffe swindles us?鈥, Carlos J. Pessoa asks us. In a show focused on the text and the actors, the stage director looks at Moli猫re鈥檚 classic play and discovers an ignoble theatre than runs through the veins of all its characters. A theatre in which there are neither heroes nor villains, just creatures that breed pestilence and combat it, paranoiacally obsessed with cleansing and purifying themselves. 鈥淎re we condemned to Tartuffian intoxication?鈥


by Moli猫re dramaturgy and direction Carlos J. Pessoa translated by Regina Guimar茫es

music and sound design Daniel Cervantes set design and costumes S茅rgio Loureiro lighting design Nuno Samora direction assistance Ana Palma general production * Raquel Matos*

cast Ana Palma, Joana Raio, Miguel Dami茫o, Paula S贸, S茅rgio Silva, Susana Blazer

co-produced by Teatro da Garagem, Teatro Nacional S茫o Jo茫o support C芒mara Municipal de Lisboa, EGEAC 鈥 Programa莽茫o em Espa莽o P煤blico**, Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior**

playing time 1:40 Ages 12 and up