Teatro S√£o Jo√£o

Pais & Filhos

based upon the novel by Ivan Turguéniev

text and direction Pedro Penim


Teatro Praga

Pais & Filhos


A personal story lies at the root of this production: Pedro Penim is going to become a father through the controversial process of surrogate pregnancy. Pais & Filhos represents the ‚Äúvortex‚ÄĚ in which this actor and stage director now finds himself, as he continues to develop a body of work that hovers between biographic document and the creation of a fictional universe. The show combines a celebrated Russian novel with the cutting edge of contemporary social debate concerning a subject that has been revived by Queer revolutionary activism: the abolition of the family. Using Ivan Turgenev‚Äôs Fathers and Sons (1862) as his starting-point, Pedro Penim lets himself be influenced by the Queer Marxist theories of such authors as Sophie Lewis, Jules Joanne Gleeson or Alyson Escalante, who rethink parenthood and childcare beyond the sphere of the biological family, championing concepts like ‚Äúfull gestational surrogacy‚ÄĚ or the ‚Äúabolition of gender‚ÄĚ. With this project, the Teatro Praga company attempts to enrich the debate on parentage and family, expanding Pais & Filhos beyond a simple personal story.


based upon the novel by Ivan Turguéniev text and direction Pedro Penim

set design Joana Sousa costumes Joana Barrios video Jorge J√°come lighting design Daniel Worm d`Assump√ß√£o sound design Miguel Lucas Mendes direction assistance Bernardo de Lacerda choreography support Luiz Antunes doll concept Ant√≥nio Vieira (Imagina√ß√Ķes Reborn)

general production Daniela Ribeiro executive production
Alexandra Bai√£o

cast Ana Tang, Bernardo de Lacerda, David Costa, Diogo Bento, Hugo van der Ding, Joana Barrios, JoaŐÉo Abreu, Pedro Penim, Rita Blanco and Olivia (as trouble)

co-produced by
Teatro Praga, S√£o Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Nacional S√£o Jo√£o

opening 15Sep2021 S√£o Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisboa)

Playing Time 2:30 Ages 16 and up

Post-show talk with Luis Mestre | 18 FEV